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Bim And Multiphysics Dynamic Cloud Interoperability

Development of cloud-based technologies for integration of BIM and Multiphysics Simulation
PromoterAutonomous Province of BolzanoYear2021Share

The CAEmate/Eurac Research cooperation project for research and development, financed by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano according to the Provincial Law 14/2006 (5/2020), aims at carrying out advanced research and development activities on specific interoperability software interfaces (data exchange and dynamic multi-platform interaction), for the implementation in the WeStatiX web platform of a totally digital, “lean” workflow, in a cloud environment and with a GUI totally integrated in the web-browser, on two “information-technological domains”:

  1. interoperability with open and proprietary BIM standards
  2. interoperability for multi-physics analysis with ad-hoc platforms and calculation software.

Digital Twins

Infrastructure Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance.


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