CAEmate presents WeStatiX at the Vertical Innovation event in Rolo

A very interesting discussion about innovation in engineering, seismic analysis and safety in construction took place at the headquarters of Vipa in Rolo (Reggio Emilia, Italy). CAEmate SRL was proud to represent the young and innovative hi-tech companies from South … Continue reading

5 Reasons to use Plastic Material Models in Structural Analysis

Plastic material models are still scarcely employed in structural analysis. Many engineers try to avoid the use of nonlinearity as much as they can! Nonlinear material models, contact problems, damage, acquired the fame to be features difficult to control, to … Continue reading

Simulation driven tunnel structural design

  How to calculate a tunnel Tunnel structural design implies complex calculation procedures and several uncertainties. The correct modelling of the rock load and of the soil-structure interaction requires accurate analysis of the geotechnical data. Several analytical relationships have been … Continue reading

Release of WeStatiX Cloud Structural Analysis software!

We are proud to announce the first release of WeStatiX, our cloud-based software for structural analysis and engineering calculations. We believe that this web application pushes structural engineering a step forward in the future of simulation and CAE. Cloud-based software, … Continue reading