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CAEmate is a Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) company that combines competences in the fields of Structural and Mechanical Design, Numerical Simulation and Informatics. Our mission is more creativity in every project and the most efficient use of the available resources.

Our team can offer consulting services in Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Design Optimization, and High Perfomance Computing. Proud of its international experience, it can provide multi-lingual support for tunnelling, bridge and building design, and expertise in advanced material modelling, simulation of mechanical problems and management of the related IT infrastructure.

If your task involves the above mentioned topics, or simply want to learn more about us, do not hesitate to get in touch with CAEmate!

Numerical Simulations

Numerical Simulations

CAEmate groups expert of Numerical Simulations using Finite Element Methods. Out team of engineers can provide support during all phases of the design cycle, right from the inception.

CAEmate uses a stack of open source software, such as Code Aster, Salome, Maxima, Dakota and extends it with self-implemented algorithms. We are able to turn a phisical problem into an accurate model for simulation, and carry out the analysis using the most advanced techniques. The results are always thoroughly examined and carefully interpreted, and explanatory technical reports are produced and customized to the requirements of the client.

Our online portfolio presents a selection of projects we performed in the past. If you are intersted in any of our services and want to try a pilot project we are glad to receive your e-mail.

Von Mises Yield Function

Advanced Material Models

The key factor to perform realistic numerical analysis is the proper description of the behavior of materials. Our team implements custom User Material Subroutines (UMAT/ USERMAT) to be used with commercial and open source Finite Element Softwares. Constitutive models can be customized on the most different requirements including plasticity, high-temperature and viscosity.

The conventional plasticity equations are solved by means of gradient-based procedures, such as the return mapping algorithm, or modified forward Euler schemes. Their convergence and precision is guaranteed for realistic ranges of the required material parameters.

Taking into account nonlinearities in material modeling can lead to very different results even in simple static analysis. Feel free to contact us for any further information or special requirement you may have on this topic.

Workflow Automation

Design Workflow Automation

Our team implements custom-made programs to speed up your designs and automation of your engineering workflow. In every project there are repetitive tasks that have to be performed again and again. Automation of such tasks can lead to more efficient and less error-prone design.

By analyzing your established workflows, CAEmate can suggest solutions to make them more efficient. We can provide tools tailored to the Clients needs, thus unlocking new exciting possibilities. Tapping into the latest available technologies can give you an unexpected performance boost.

CAEmate is based on multidisciplinary competence in informatics and engineering. Less repetitive tasks and more time for creative designs are our targets.

Design Optimization

Design Optimization

Through the iterative optimization of existing design, considerable improvements are possible. Given a set of constraints which generally define the suitability of the design to solve the problem at hand, the most performant one can be chosen amongst all possible solutions. This of course leads to substantial cost-savings and noticeable increase of product utility.

Optimization is only possible by using advanced techniques that combine specially prepared, accurate simulations with targeted algorithms driven by custom scripts. An appropriate infrastructure is also needed, as the amount of simulation data is typically very large. For it to be handled efficiently, one has to resort to hardware and software facilities suitable for this task. CAEmate can help in all areas of this very interesting challenge.

Optimization does not only save money. It means a better future through the intelligent use of resources. CAEmate strongly believes in this potential.

Online Tools

Online Structural Software

CAEmate is proud to bring the power of their CAE Tools to the cloud by introducing WeStatiX, an online 3D structure editor and solver. With WeStatix, in few, easy steps it is possible to run numerical simulations and calculate solution for even the most advanced problems and complex structures.

The software does not require installation: it can be used directly through the browser. All simulations run on our servers, which means that you can access them from any device, anywhere and anytime.

Several functionalities developed by our CAE engineers are already available and are free to use. Get started and tell us what you think about them.