FEM Numerical Simulations

Tunnel Structural Design Calculation

CAEmate's team are experts in Mechanical and Civil Engineering, with years of experience in FEM Numerical Simulations and Structural Design. Our competences include tunnel and bridge design, nonlinear behavior of materials (e.g. plasticity, high temperature), multi-objective design optimization, fire and earthquake analysis. CAEmate can provide support during all phases of the design cycle, right from the inception.

Design Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation Flowchart

CAEmate strong focus is on efficiency and performance improvement. Through the Automation of Design Workflows we strive for a twofold advantage: on one side, allowing for a faster and less error-prone product development cycle; on the other, fullfilling the prerequisites to the design optimization process. CAEmate can bring you all the needed tools to achieve the most performant and cost-effective design.

Our team constantly develops new CAE Tools and Custom Engineering Solutions for efficient and fast design. We decided to bring the power of these tools to the cloud: therefore, we developed WeStatiX, an online 3D editor and solver for Engineering Structures. With WeStatiX, no software installation or expensive hardware is required anymore: simulations run in the cloud, directly through the browser or mobile device.

Here are just some of the capabilities available in WeStatiX:

  • Interactive 3D editor for structures
  • Intuitive interface with context help
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform
  • Structural design and optimization algorithms
  • Powerful result post-processing system
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WeStatiX 3D Editor
WeStatiX 3D Editor

With WeStatiX, you can create custom digital twins for real-time monitoring of existing structures in the cloud. This is possible for many kinds of infrastructure, such as bridges, rock walls, slopes, dams, buildings, and much more! The system is based on the combination of several innovative digital technologies, and thanks to artificiale intelligence algorithms it is a powerful tool for the inspection and maintenance of any monitored object.

Some highlights:

  • Interactive cloud-based 3D model for virtual inspections
  • Automatic processing of the monitoring data
  • Application of artificial intelligence for behavior prediction
  • Efficient risk evaluation
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
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